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The Bored Game

by Mom’s Mad

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Rhea, you’re just one of a kind Just so real, you weren’t a waste of my time Oh, Rhea How could you ever be mine? I was blind, fucking blind We met at work, you smiled and reached for my hand My attraction to you grew so strong that I couldn’t stand And even though the tension built up more than we planned A bag of love notes, cartoon contraband Oh, Rhea You kept me going when I could smile If I could feel you maybe I could settle down for a while I can’t read you with my emotions in a Pile You held my heart like a baby mouse in a paw Why does it feel like you don’t even know me at all? Why’s it so easy to throw our love affair at the wall? Brown-eyed beauty, I have never felt so small Rhea, I know you are one of my kind I searched the whole damn Earth, but I ain’t gonna find Anyone real, but there’s no rush of time You’re one of my kind Oh, Rhea Blemblemblemblemblemblemblemblemblemblemblemblemblemblemblemblemblemblemblemblemblemblemblemblemblemblemblemblemblemblemblemblemblemblemblemblemblemblemblemblemblemblemblemblemblemblemblemblemblemblemblemblemblemblem
Tombo#5 04:00
Have I lost my voice, Jiji can you still hear me? Is it from that boy, Or have I found humanity? I’ve lost the wind beneath my broom Not ready to fly with all of the rest I’m trapped inside this town Until I’ve reached my very best No one told me it would be this hard, not even you But I’ll try to keep my head up high Sometimes you have lose it to find out what you’re worth No I won’t stay down, at least not for long Jiji are you still there? I’ve been looking everywhere I was ripped away And lost out in the pouring rain I’ve only done this to myself Should have listened to everyone else Took a step too far And now I wonder where you are Without a thought I used to soar across the sky Now I look inside and wonder how I got my feet up off the ground Is it my head or in my heart? Am I just too young, or did I push myself too far? Now I’ve found my voice And the world is ours to see Meeeeooooowwwwwwww
Tunnel Buddy, look me in the eye You dipped your dick in, well, so did I Could’ve been just any other guy But now we’re closer than close Said they’re riding somebody new Well how was I to know their shiny pony was you This kind of tension is a lot to put a friendship through Guess you’re the peen that they chose Flannel Cousin, join me hand-in-hand Our puss united, wiggly knees we stand This common feeling isn’t what we planned A lot more than a rub on the nose Not such a strange occurrence I can’t live with it Cause there’s nothing wrong with accidentally swapping spit And even though they’ve been all up in your clit It’s not that hard to swallow It’s just the way that it goes
What’s worse? Living life with a yard full of shit or walking around with it stuck to your shoes? A curse! That’s how it felt all these years And now all I hear is dried up news You get mad at me when you think of my voice Cause I am the one who walked away It’s not my place to poke holes at your heart I really wanted to stay Too bad, blowing smoke in my eyes Couldn’t feel my toes since you stepped on me I’m fucking sick of trying to fit in I’ll be as big as I want To be alone The only way I could feel with you Moving on it’s just not that easy to do And I’m not sitting still And I’m not fucking well And I can’t be your friend, cause you put me through hell And this time it’ll stick And I’ll only stay strong Don’t look out in your crowd I’m already gone I’m gone
Jesus, take my hand Help me guide my gun Help me shoot away my inner demons Though some people say that you’re not his son You know that I never stopped believing 500 stories tall, with a beard made out of gold With an AK47 on his shoulder I keep my grip tight on my glock and do what I am told Won’t stop until my enemies corpses smolder Jesus, you’re the bullets in my magazine Sending every shot towards freedom Light that heathen fire, verify my dreams Only with your nail-stabbed hands will I beat ‘em Soaring though the sky on your winged dinosaur High-fiving angel while you pack your gun Trump and Putin walk across the charred remainders of humanity And the non-believers burn slowly in the sun And women finally learn their place, and men will be okay Jesus shoot my demons away
Don’t look at me Don’t talk to me Don’t even acknowledge me But let me pet your dog Don’t fucking touch me Don’t fucking speak to me You don’t exist to me JUST LET ME PET YOUR DOG Don’t fucking look at me Don’t fucking talk to me NO DON’T FUCKING TALK TO ME LET ME PET YOUR DOG
Woke up early watch the sunflowers die Seemed appropriate, given the circumstances I can make them shine again if I really try But I don’t think you believe in second chances Wild mountain one stuck in city kid shoes Hold your sadness like a suit of armor Don’t want your love songs, just your melancholy blues Crooked smile, but you know you’re a charmer I’ll chase you ‘round like I could pin down your shadow Sit forever, listen to you play guitar Don’t fucking treat me like a helpless weirdo I’ll wait forever, but don’t hate me when I go to far Don’t think it weaker that I’m on my own now Not much to say about loneliness And how’re your inner demons? Did you ever know I deleted all your memories? Please, don’t be pissed And I’m fucking sorry for my actions, for my heinous words For thinking you would just stay still and take my abuse And all my empty heart aches seems only for the birds, but You’re the only one that I never want to lose
My dad doesn’t come home anymore 18 years ago he went to the store Papa, won’t you come back Can’t be that hard to find a cigarette pack This is the story of how Mom got Mad My sister tells me I can’t watch TV It’d probably kill her to be nicer to me I cut her clothes up and set them on fire She ran my diary through the washer and dryer These are the antics that made Mom get Mad The fury’s growing deep inside of our Mom At any moment she’ll explode like a bomb You better watch out for when Mom gets Mad
Other peoples dads are cooler than my dad Other peoples dads are cooler than my dad It's not that he's not a good dad It's just that he is my dad and other peoples dads are cooler than my dad


Roll the dice, or spin the wheel! Either way we all come out losers in the end.


released March 25, 2020

Clemb:Vocals and Guitar
Wilb:Lead Guitar and Vocals
Y-@:Drums and Vocals

Recorded by:
Ryan Sotomayor of Yarn Farm Studios
Robert Bartleson of Haywire Recording Studios

Mix and Masters:
Robert Bartleson of Haywire Recording Studios

Artwork by Katie McGee-Lohkamp @disapppointment


all rights reserved



Mom’s Mad Portland, Oregon

A real band making fake music. Pulling from all genres and free boxes, Mom’s Mad might be the last hope for a failed breakfast.

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